The Drain

glam. outrage. garage. glitter. >> MORE


rap. mud. prague. disco >> MORE

Ginny Andro

pop. sex. sleaziness. darkness. >> MORE

The Complication

rock'n'roll. retro. dance. 70's. >> MORE

Burning Steps

punkrock. dirt. melodies. north.


The Drain Burning Steps SEBE The Complication Ginny Andro

Dayspeed Music is a multi-genre musical platform that gathers together performers connected not through music styles or genres, but through their approach to creation and life that sparkles beneath the surface of everyday city.

We bring an alternative to the traditional musical consumption, which we perceive as insufficient for individuals who are eager for cultural variety.

We participate in the creation of public space by organizing and promoting music events, where the genre dispersion ranges from rap to dream-pop, from folk to metal. We also cooperate with foreign productions and various music profesionals and take part in international projects and networks.

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