rap mud prague disco



  • 2019 – Škvár a Šmír EP
  • 2019-2021 – Singles Čechy Čechům, Jedeme na Chatu, Pocta Mikeovi T.

Dance disco rhythms sweating along with punk energy in one big glittery wife-beater with oil stains coming out of the frying pan spitting out one overburnt lyric after another.

Vojtěch Grabač aka Scorn (Pokoj25, Hošty, Stříbrný Rafael) and Adam Ernest aka Adam Ernest (MATKA, Chci Pnutí) together in one formation which since april 2019 tries to bite its way out of dead waters of the putrid fish pond of czech scene and in the october of 2021 will finally drown in it. However that doesn’t mean it won’t come up again someday…



  • 2019 – first show of the Ernest/Scorn line-up
  • Major success
  • 2021 – last show of the Ernest/Scorn line-up